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“Min kon, cast a mighty spell on my club,” Dandelion mentally commanded.

Zzzzapp! Dandelion’s club began to glow slightly and exude an aura of power. (Zappathingum)

Hammer saw it. “I see you’ve enchanted your weapon. That was unnecessary. I’m not planning any doublecross, especially not after you saved my life back there.”

“Some sort of magic was necessary just now,” answered Dandelion, who now felt much better than before.

“I seem to remember eating some gooey egg stuff,” said Hammer. “Have I already had my reward for showing you out of the dungeon?”

“Yes, and more than I contracted for,” said Dandelion with a ferocious grin. “It took all the magic I have won in this trip to keep you from dying.”

“Urr,” said Hammer. “Then I guess I should do something nice for you. How would you like a quick way out of the Moonstone Caves?”

“I’m beginning to think I’d like that very much,” said Dandelion.

“Follow me,” said Hammer, and walked away. He led her into his bedroom, showed her a piece of rock that could be removed, and they removed it. There was a vertical shaft barely large enough for the minotaur.  INside it was an iron ladder going up.

“Climb this and it will take you right out of Trollstone Caverns,” said Hammer. “I wasn’t going to show it to you, but you have proved that you can be trusted.”

“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” pleaded Min Kon. “Up that ladder lies the worst trap of all.”

"Up that shaft lies the worst trap of all!"

“Ummm, thanks,” said Dandelion.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. climb up the ladder?
  2. tell Hammer she’d rather stay and explore her way out of Moonstone Caves?]

Trollwalla Commentary

Dandelion the Ogre said… ” Hey, vote for me to climb up the ladder please. Remember, Ogre wants to live, and Trollwars won’t start till Dandelion’s Adventures is over.



  1. Climb the ladder.

  2. Climb the ladder.

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