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The Trollgod wants to tell you about the history of Trollworld.



     One of the great things about role-playing is that it lends itself to many forms of subcreation. The players make up their characters.  The Game Masters make up adventures including lands, people, and plots.  The game designers make up whole worlds and rule systems, which are nothing more than ways of representing those worlds with numerical and verbal tools.  Virtually any form of art or knowledge can be utilized in role-playing, whether it be drawing pictures, modeling clay, writing stories, creating architecture, singing songs–everything that works in our mundane earthly world also has a place in fantasy game worlds.

     I am such a creator, and Trollworld–my home setting for Tunnels and Trolls–is such a world.  A world, even an imaginary world, is a vast thing–a potentially infinite thing.  Every person can look at Trollworld differently, and they can all be right.  I’m not attracting any vast number of viewers here in Delvers Tales, but that’s okay.  This is the place where I will offer up little pieces of Trollworld–glimpses through different windows at an infinite place that exists not only in my imagination, but also in the imaginations of all T & T players.  If you get something out of these fragments, that’s great.  I’m pleased.  If you don’t, then oh well–no one hits the target on every shot.

     This offering is something of a chronology of Trollworld.  This is the chronology of my Trollworld–Ken St. Andre’s Trollworld.  Your Trollworld may be different.  And that’s cool, too.  The chronology is fragmentary because I can’t possibly cover everything that ever happened on Trollworld.

The Trollgod will tell you of Trollworld.

Starting tomorrow, these blogs will do a highlights kind of summary of the History of Trollworld featuring the art of David Ullery.  This is history made practically painless.

to be continued



  1. Trollworld blinked into existence for me in Roy Boxwell’s father’s subterranean drinking club on High Pavement, Bath, United Kingdom, in the year 1980. I was sixteen at the time. I didn’t emerge from Trollworld until two years later. I never imagined for one minute in my wildest dreams that it might make a reappearance when I was forty-six!

  2. I’m really looking forward to this, Khenn!

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