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The farther back in history you go, the harder it is to make out what happens.  The dates in this chronology are as exact as scholarship can make them, but they may be wrong.  More research may change this list. Remember, young scholars, history is written by the victors, and nothing is absolutely true.

From the Chronicles of Trollworld (Khazan edition, ca. 1300 A.K.)

100,000 B.K. Trolls are the only sentient life form on the planet. They have their own ‘Stone Age’ civilization, complete with a city. Organic life (not stone/magic-based) has been on the world for some 10,000 years, and dimension-spanning gates exist in several parts of the world. (A digression explaining the true nature of Trolls is shown here: .)

 99,000 B.K. Elves, pursued by Dragons, enter the world. The Elves seek shelter in the deep forests; the Dragons claim the high mountains as their domain.

97,000 B.K. The death of GRUND Time-Keeper precipitates the Troll-Dragon War, which lasts for 5000 years. With Trolls and Dragons fighting each other, the Elves gain a necessary respite, spread into all corners of the Dragon Continent, and begin to learn to use magic.

92,100 B.K. Trolls and Dragons get tired of the fight and come to a peace agreement in which both sides agree not to eat the other. The Trolls gain “The Right” to watch the stars and calibrate their calendar from the Dragon-held mountaintops.

"Let's be friends and eat the Elves instead." "Good idea! They are juicier."

92,000 B.K. The Elven-Trollish Wars begin. For thousands of years when Elf meets Troll, the Troll prevails. But gradually, as Elves master the forces of magic and build up a high technology, the Trolls begin to lose battles and territories.

70,000 B. K.  Wizards of enormous power, almost gods, discover the gates leading to Troll World.  Many of them come to this magic rich world and establish their own kingdoms. Many bring subject races with them.  This is how both Human and Dwarves enter Troll World (but not until many thousands of years later than this.)  In time, the god-wizards begin to feud with each other.

57,000 B.K.  The last Trollish city (known as Kharg to the Elves and Und-RASP-Der’rule to the Trolls) is overrun and destroyed by Elves serving under the Wizard Nin-durjiel-Nin (Nin-durjiel-Nin is the earliest wizard whose name survives in history.)  Trolls have retreated to underground caverns and high mountain wastes.  Despite a concerted effort by the Elves to exterminate them, they were never completely eradicated.  Nin-durjiel-Nin refused or was unable to use great magic on them underground.  However, for tens of thousands of years, trolls were extremely rare on the surface of Troll World.

50,000 B.K.  The Wizard Wars truly begin.  Magic gives power to whoever can master it.  Wizards struggle with each other, striving to amass ever more power at the expense of their foes.  Wars, at first small and local, grow into conflicts of unbelievable fury and scope, and are fought in all corners of the planet.  The land and sea are devastated.  Many life-forms retreat underground to survive.  Old islands and continents sink below the seas and new ones are raised.  Many species and races die out entirely.  New races are introduced to the world.

48,017 B.K.  The Goblin Race is created by a magical explosion in the Feentrean Marsh in the Great Sump.  Goblins live as kind of smart amphibian animal for over 7000 years until some are domesticated by Uruks.  The goblins rise from the status of pets to slave race as they prove capable of learning to use both weapons and language.

46,000 B.K.  Loopo the Mad Mage (in reality his name is believed to have been Loo-polierol-Loo) breeds the first Uruks from magically mutated Elves.  The new creature has a fast metabolism,  a grotesque appearance, an innate savagery, and rapid reproduction.  With his armies of Uruks, Loopo rapidly annoys many of the other great wizards.  He spreads his creatures to all parts of Trollworld.

45,947 B.K.  Zweetz, an alien bird-serpent wizard, steals a few thousand Uruks and takes them to a desert sub-continental island in the far west.  These Uruks will turn into an almost entirely different race after millennia of rule by Zweetz.  They become the raiding Cyurks of the western oceans.

45,901 B.K.  Nin-durjiel-Nin, greatest of the Elven wizards, defeats and banishes Loopo the Mad Mage at the battle of T’Shanshinarrr.  Loopo is exiled from Troll World completely.  Uruk power is crushed, and the uruks dispersed into small, wandering tribal units.  The beautiful forest of T’Shanshinarr becomes a desert wasteland south of the T’Khoshikhost River.  The lesser forest of Shancinar survives north of the river.

38,257 B.K. to 37,802 B.K.  The far southern continent of Giar-Ank-Shau-Vuun is devastated and destroyed in a 500 year battle between Nin-durjiel-Nin (and several allies whose names have not survived) and Zjgr the Alien (of whom nothing but his name remains). Most of the continent was totally destroyed and sunk beneath the seas leaving only several archipelagoes in that part of the world.

35,000 B.K.  Dwarves come to Troll World as servants of a wizard now known as Gristlegrim.  (Please see the supplemantary report on Dwarves in the blog: A Fragmentary Chronology of Trollword–Dwarves which is available here:

15,000 B.K.  Humans come to Troll World as servants of the wizard Kalban Adamto.  They rapidly spread through most lands and discover a natural aptitude for Magic.

12,000 B.K.  The dragon whose short form name is Shangingshangshingingshing seals the eastern lands on the Dragon continent away from the rest of the world and withdraws from the Wizard Wars.  This markes the beginning of the end for the wars, although they will drag on for more than 3000 years before finally ending.

8500 B.K.  Gristlegrim banishes Nin-durjiel-Nin from Troll World, making it impossible for him to ever return.  It is the last great victory in the Wizard Wars.  This culminates a thousand years of fighting that was mostly Dwarves against Elves.  Both sides had allies, but the Dwarves had more, and though Nin-durjiel-Nin was the older wizard, in the end he proved weaker than Gristlegrim.  Setting a precedent that Khazan would repeat thousands of years later, Nin-durjiel-Nin agrees to banishment to save his people, the Elves, from annihilation.  Animosity persists between Dwarves and Elves, but open warfare is curtailed for millennia.

5244 B.K.  The Wizard Wars officially end at what is called The Council of the Gods.  The 829 surviving god-wizards have attained such mastery of magic on Troll World that they find themselves literally unable to harm each other any longer, and although they could still strike at the servant races, this sort of action is seen to be petty and spiteful.  In the great assembly, the godlike wizards agree to retreat to their own limited domains and no longer strive to dominate Troll World.  It is significant that Zweetz did not sign this accord, although he had not done anything notable for so long that many had forgotten his very existence.  Some of these great wizards continued to be worshipped as gods by their own people, Gristlegrim, for example.  Others departed from Troll World entirely.  The subject races were cut loose to find their own destinies.

to be continued

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