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As we get closer to the modern era, the historical information becomes more plentiful. Even so, there is no accurate history of the Elf-Dwarf Wars.  The Elves remember everything as oral history, and a thousand years of war becomes a dozen tales of Elven heroes outsmarting their Dwarven counterparts.  You don’t find any tales of them outfighting them.  The Dwarven records are even worse–abbreviated dates and numbers carved into stone tablets and buried in the archives of the deep undercities.  And yet, we know these two so-called Good Kindreds fought each other for over a thousand years before peace finally came.


 1233 B.K. The Dwarven-Elven War begins, as ancient animosities flare into full-scale combat. Dwarves burn hundreds of square miles of forest in the Misty Wood area in 1212 B.K. In 1181 B.K., Elves cause an earthquake that destroys the Dwarven City of Drndr (Dwarven names have no vowel sounds in them at this time).


The war between the Elves and the Dwarves had very few large battles, but thousands of small skirmishes like this one.

1104 B.K.  Khazan-ohtariel-Khazan is born to the Elves of the Old Forest. Among non-Elves, he will come to be known only by the short form of his name.

943 B.K. Khazan’s parents and hundreds of other Elves are slain by Dwarven raiders riding small firedrakes in a firebomb attack that burns the ancient Elven city of Yanthreel. At that time, the Dwarves have an alliance with several dozen dragons in which the Dwarves supply metal for the Dragons’ hoards and the Dragons aid the Dwarves in war. Khazan is studying magic with a Naga Wizard hundreds of miles east of his home forest; he doesn’t learn of the loss of his home city and kin for 45 years.

899 B.K. SS’rraa, the first ten-towered Naga city, begins construction in the heart of the central jungles. Khazan leaves his Naga master and returns to his ancient home.

The Nagas build their own society in the jungles of Trollworld.

898 B.K. Khazan swears vengeance on Dwarves and Dragons and non-Elven races.

872 B.K. Khazan and a party of adventurers invade Gristlegrim’s Dungeon seeking magical power and wealth. The party is slain, and Khazan is captured. To his surprise, Khazan is neither slain nor tortured by Gristlegrim—he is simply imprisoned in a pocket universe. In time, he becomes an apprentice to Gristlegrim, and begins to learn magics greater than any taught on Trollworld.

710 B.K. With both Elves and Dwarves in hiding, as they continue their 500-year war, human cities rise and become dominant. The small village of Herome on the edge of the sea and the river known as the Dragon’s Throat builds docks and becomes a seaport. From this time on it will grow in wealth and power.

to be continued


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