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This part of the history deals with the rise of Lerotra’hh, also known as the Death Goddess.  The story of her youth is covered in more detail by the popular fiction GRIFFIN FEATHERS which is supposedly told by the Goddess herself.


590 A.K. An Uruk shaman named Rotra of the Black Wolf tribe begins to see visions of his future life in campfire flames. He dreams of begetting a champion that will rescue his people from the brink of extinction, a champion as great as the legendary Arahk Gnahk of years gone by.

595 A.K. The Black Wolf tribe of Uruks, led by their shaman Rotra, ambushes an Elven wedding party deep in the Srynx Forest, slays all the guards and abducts La-fhrinja-La, a princess daughter of the Wizard Har-Ennion-Har, one of the Great Wizards of the north. In the fight, Har-Ennion-Har is slain, so there is no one to come to La-fhrinja-La’s rescue.

596 A.K. During the next year, Rotra repeatedly tries to impregnate La-fhrinja-La. The process is distasteful to him, but horrible and mind shattering to her—she goes insane with the pain and horror of it. Finally, with the aid of Uruk spirit magic, he succeeds.

597 A.K. Lerotra’hh (daughter of Rotra) is born. The Elven princess dies in childbirth and the shaman has to cut the baby out of the womb. He is disappointed that the child is a girl, but realizes that he isn’t going to get another chance. He shape-changes the infant into a wolf cub and lets her grow through babyhood as one of a litter of wolves.

600 A.K. One night under a full moon, Lerotra’hh spontaneously reverts to Uruk form and clumsily joins the children’s fire dance. Rotra realizes she has strong innate magical abilities and takes over her training. In the next ten years, she learns all he can teach her, while the other children fear and hate her. The only things she loves are the old wolf bitch that suckled her, and her father, the shaman.

610 A.K. Khazan visits a remote Elven clan in the Srynx forest to establish a local Wizards Guild’s chapter. There, he hears about the Uruk attack and massacre of 13 years earlier that cost them their greatest mage, Har-Ennion-Har. Enraged that Uruks would dare attack his people in their own forest, Khazan scries the scene to learn what really happened. He is horrified to see the princess La-fhrinja-La carried off alive, and even more repulsed as he witnesses her subsequent rape, childbirth, and bloody death. Goaded past reason by what he has seen, Khazan cuts short the mystic visions of the past, and does not see enough to identify Lerotra’hh. When he can think again, Khazan scries the identity of the Uruk tribe that perpetrated such horror, and gets the name and current location of the Black Wolf tribe. With a handpicked band of Elvish warriors he teleports into the heart of the Uruk home encampment and begins to slaughter the whole tribe with swords and sorcery. The Elves with him are most happy to gain revenge for the bygone massacre—they slay every Uruk, woman and child that they can find, including their beasts, and carry off what little loot is available, returning to the Srynx Woods well satisfied with the day’s work. Khazan, thinking that the matter is ended, returns to his city and spreads the tale of the death of the Black Wolf tribe. However, Lerotra’hh is not at the camp when the Elves attack—she is far away on a mountain crag searching for griffin feathers. When she returns a few days later, she finds everyone dead—except for a few other children who had also been in the wilds rummaging—and plenty of evidence that Elves were the slayers. The loss of her father engenders a fierce hatred of Elves and everything Elven that will always stay with her.

615 A.K. Aside from a pack of wolves and three Uruk children, Lerotra’hh gains her first real follower when she finds an Ogre with two broken legs trapped under a pile of rocks. An avalanche, caused by his own mighty shouting, had fallen on him, shattering both of his legs. After a few days of starving, Barg-Noorguut the Ogre is resigned to die, but Lerotra’hh brings him food instead, and gets his promise not to attack her and to join her band. She then levitates the boulders off his crushed legs and heals his wounds by magic. Barg-Noorguut thinks she must be a goddess to do such feats and becomes her greatest supporter.

615 A.K. to 640 A.K. Lerotra’hh gains strength and allies in the far northeast of the Dragon Continent. Among her companions is a griffin named Strong Talon, and she now rules and leads another Uruk tribe, the Snow Demon tribe. In 640 A.K., she formally declares war on the Elves by leading all her allies on a daring raid against the Elves of the Srynx Wood. When it seems that Lerotra’hh must win the battle, one Elven Wizard changes to bird form and flees toward Khazan to get help.

640 A.K. Khazan learns of the demise of the Srynx Elves from the one Wizard who fled the attack. Scrying the scene, he learns of the existence of Lerotra’hh. This time, he takes time to scry out her entire history—though he doesn’t have 43 years to watch her moment by moment—and ultimately decides to slay her. However, he can’t find her by magical means—she has learned to shield herself from wizardly searches. Instead, Khazan posts a great reward for her death or capture, and dispatches an elite company of warriors to the Srynx Woods in hopes of trapping her. They have a communication crystal to use in calling him, if they can just locate her.  (More about the Elves of Trollworld can be learned here: .)

 643 A.K. After slaying the Srynx Elves, Lerotra’hh travels westward through the high mountains of the Dragonfires Range seeking a dragon. She finds the ancient dragon mage Vvvarrr, and in exchange for binding herself to him as a servant for seven years, she learns a great deal of dragon magic. Since she feeds him well, and greatly increases the size of his dragonhoard by raiding Dwarf cities in the foothills, Vvvarrr grows fond of her, and gives her three drops of his blood. Lerotra’hh, who had been growing old, is rejuvenated by the dragon blood, and her raw power is increased by a factor of twelve.

647 A.K. Va’harkh, chieftain of the Urookin Clan Vaarahth, dragonfriend of Vvvarrr, saves Lerotra’hh’s life during a raid on the Dwarven city of Hael’ku. The two have a short romance, and later Va’harkh is the first Urookin leader to join Lerotra’hh’s Army of Liberation.

650 A.K. Vvvarrr, wiser and immeasurably older than Lerotra’hh, convinces her that she can never prevail against Khazan and the “good” kindred so long as she is basically working alone. She must unite many monster kindred and fight for all of them if she hopes to avoid death at Khazan’s hands. This advice fits well with some prophetic dreams that Lerotra’hh has been having, and she promises to do so. Vvvarrr pledges dragon aid if she can secure enough allies to match the dragons in power.

651 A.K. Worried by a series of increasingly worse omens, Khazan travels to the Eagle Continent to regain the aid of his one-time apprentice Khara Khang. There he finds a society where men and monsters dwell together in peace under the benevolent rule of Khara Khang. The human Wizard tells his old Elven mentor that this is what he should have done with the many races on the Dragon Continent. Inflamed with anger, Khazan curses Khara Khang and returns to his homeland alone. Meanwhile, Khara Khang decides that Khazan is old and senile, and that he must return to the Dragon Continent for the good of all concerned.

647 A.K. Khazan and Khara Khang quarrel over what to do about the growing monster rebellion. Khara Khang still thinks the monster races should be integrated into the whole society; Khazan still refuses the idea. The monsters are fighting a guerilla war, striking and retreating before the more massive forces of Khazan can retaliate. Khara Khang decides to go underground as the legendary Uruk Arahk Gnahk to find Lerotra’hh.

654 A.K. Arahk Gnahk leads 20,000 Uruks from the southern parts of the Dragon Continent’s north to join with Lerotra’hh’s forces, more than doubling her strength. When the two finally meet, Lerotra’hh realizes that she needs this legendary Uruk Wizard, with his proven ability to live for centuries, and rally all the Uruk peoples to a single banner. Meanwhile, Khara Khang thinks he can use Lerotra’hh to overthrow the tyranny of Khazan and create a just society for all races.

655 A.K. Centaurs and Ogres besiege the city of Khazan, raiding only by night, but cutting the city off from the rest of the world by land. At the same time, Lerotra’hh’s vast Uruk army destroys the ancient Elven stronghold of Shancinar in the Great Forest. When Khazan learns that Shancinar is about to fall and that much of the Forest has been destroyed, he teleports there along with the greatest human Wizards of the Empire, but only to fall into a magical trap that Khara Khang has prepared for him. The black Wizard lures Khazan into a parley, and then hits him with a Dimensional Gate spell that hurls Khazan and his friends into an alternate universe where time runs one hundred times slower than it does on Trollworld. Although only a tenth of a year passes in the new universe before Khazan learns to recreate Khara Khang’s spell and return to Trollworld, ten years rush by in the Empire of Khazan.

660 A.K.  Lerotra’hh gains alliance with the Trolls—no easy task, as they are scattered and living underground. With her crusade against their ancient enemies—the Elves—the Trolls realize that it would be folly not to join her. The addition of Trolls gives her armies a raw power that nothing else could match, and the dragons also come in on her side. Meanwhile, the defense of the “good” kindred falters without Khazan to coordinate it. City after city, stronghold after stronghold, fall to Lerotra’hh’s forces.

661 A.K. Ellehra, a female Elfin Warrior-Wizard, transforms herself into were-cougar form to be a more effective fighter against the monster forces. She becomes one of the few Elves actually feared by them, and leads the most effective resistance in the old great forests around Shancinar.

Ellehra the were-cougar was the greatest champion of the Elves during Lerotra'hh's War of Liberation.

663 A.K. The Battle of the Cliffs—Elves learn that they can’t kill Trolls by driving them off cliffs when they fall into a mushy swamp. Muddy Trolls meet Goblins for the first time, and recruit them into Lerotra’hh’s army. Goblins promise to hold the swamps for Lerotra’hh against all the “good” kindred.

664 A.K. Lerotra’hh and Khara Khang go cat hunting. In order to capture Ellehra, whose daring raids have been thwarting all Orcish efforts to overrun the central forests, Lerotra’hh and Khara Khang put to sleep one hundred square miles of forest and search it foot by foot until Ellehra is located. Lerotra’hh first sees Ellehra in her “monstrous” cat form, and as such conceives a liking for her. Thus instead of killing her immediately, Lerotra’hh offers Ellehra a choice: to join Lerotra’hh and live, or to refuse her and die. Ellehra betrays her Elven heritage and joins the Death Goddess, but she is locked into her were-cougar form to make it impossible to betray Lerotra’hh and return to the Elves.

665 A.K. Khazan and his coterie of Wizards returns to Trollworld, only to find that every human city north of the Dragon’s Claws has fallen to the monster forces. Also, every known Elven stronghold in the forests of the west has been completely destroyed. The last defenders of the “good” kindred have gathered within the city of Khazan to try to hold out. They are really glad when Khazan reappears in their midst.  Later that year Khazan visits the Ogre city of Tharothar and unleashes a magical plague upon them.  Those Ogres not slain by the disease are severely brain-damaged.  At a single stroke Khazan destroys one of the oldes civilizations on the planet, and greatly weakens Lerotra’hh’s army.  However, it is not enough to stop her.

666 A.K. Khazan appeals to his old allies, the Nagas, for help against Lerotra’hh, but Khara Khang, too, has appealed to them for help, in his case, against Khazan. The Nagas stay neutral, turning down both of their former protégés. Soon, Khazan realizes that the “good” kindred are on the verge of total extinction. He contacts Khara Khang and tells him that he will pull the two moons from the sky and crash them into the Dragon Continent, destroying everyone, if Lerotra’hh’s monsters continue with their plan to exterminate all Elves, Humans, and Dwarves. Khara Khang convinces Lerotra’hh that a negotiated peace would be best. Khazan surrenders and goes into voluntary exile as a sleeper in an island tomb that drifts through time, appearing in Trollworld only one day of the year. He issues a prophecy that he will return if the monster kindred ever threaten to destroy the “good” kindred completely. Lerotra’hh and her consort, Khara Khang, rule in the city of Khazan. Monsters everywhere rejoice.

to be continued


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