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Monthly Archives: September 2010

“Min kon, cast a mighty spell on my club,” Dandelion mentally commanded.

Zzzzapp! Dandelion’s club began to glow slightly and exude an aura of power. (Zappathingum)

Hammer saw it. “I see you’ve enchanted your weapon. That was unnecessary. I’m not planning any doublecross, especially not after you saved my life back there.”

“Some sort of magic was necessary just now,” answered Dandelion, who now felt much better than before.

“I seem to remember eating some gooey egg stuff,” said Hammer. “Have I already had my reward for showing you out of the dungeon?”

“Yes, and more than I contracted for,” said Dandelion with a ferocious grin. “It took all the magic I have won in this trip to keep you from dying.”

“Urr,” said Hammer. “Then I guess I should do something nice for you. How would you like a quick way out of the Moonstone Caves?”

“I’m beginning to think I’d like that very much,” said Dandelion.

“Follow me,” said Hammer, and walked away. He led her into his bedroom, showed her a piece of rock that could be removed, and they removed it. There was a vertical shaft barely large enough for the minotaur.  INside it was an iron ladder going up.

“Climb this and it will take you right out of Trollstone Caverns,” said Hammer. “I wasn’t going to show it to you, but you have proved that you can be trusted.”

“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” pleaded Min Kon. “Up that ladder lies the worst trap of all.”

"Up that shaft lies the worst trap of all!"

“Ummm, thanks,” said Dandelion.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. climb up the ladder?
  2. tell Hammer she’d rather stay and explore her way out of Moonstone Caves?]

Trollwalla Commentary

Dandelion the Ogre said… ” Hey, vote for me to climb up the ladder please. Remember, Ogre wants to live, and Trollwars won’t start till Dandelion’s Adventures is over.


Hammer lay in his chamber snoring. Dandelion looked around his office. So many opportunities for a dishonest girl. What should she do?

Hammer sputtered and began talking in his sleep. “No, no, not the goblins,” he said in an almost panicky voice.

Dandelion looked in on him. He was tossing and turning–obviously not that deeply unconscious. If she set off any alarms it would probably wake him up, and then she might have to kill him after all. So many temptations, and so much chance for disaster–she just couldn’t decide.

“Blankets,” thought Dandelion. “It has been a long time since I rested. Let me check on that.” She bent over and entered the small room. It was barely large enough to hold her and an old cabinet. Pulling the doors open, she discovered three big, fluffy, woolen blankets. She put two down on the hard stone floor against the wall. sat down on them with her back against a wall, lay down her club and bag of goodies, and leaned back. She began to think about retracing her steps. The tricky part would be going back down into the chasm and climbing out at rhe right place. There were some landmarks though, and she viusalized them and . . .

Dandelion thought she was awake, but she had been more tired than she thought, and she was asleep, dreaming that she was walking back out of the caves, talking to Min Kon. In fact, she was talking to Min Kon about what she saw as she walked back out of the caverns.

She said goodbye to Hammer at the intersection that led to the second level. He gave her a magic flail that she had admired. What a beautiful weapon.} (Wiz 12, CON 25).

{She walked a long way until she reached the hole in the tunnel floor that led back down to the chasm.} (Wiz 16, CON 21).

{She climbed carefully back down the cliffside till she reached the eagle’s ledge. The eagle sat there and watched her. Then it cackled in a most uneagle-like fashion. You’re dying,” it said. Then it flew away.} (Wiz 21, CON 16.)

{What a strange thing for the eagle to say! She retraced her original climb and made it back to the top where the long dark path was. (Wiz 27, CON 10)

{She walked down a long long hallway to the room of the strange money-giving machine. She cautiously looked through the door. No hobbs. The machine was back in place.} (Wiz 30, Con 7)

{She decided to try the gambling machine again, and reached into her sack for some coings. She put three coins in and yanked the lever. The pictures began to spin. Just as it began to slow down, the opposite door popped open and in cama a horde of hobbs, all screaming “Dandelion! Dandelion!” My! What deep voices those hobbs had.} (Wiz 34. Con 3)

“Dandelion! Wake up!” Her eyes popped open to find Hammer bending over her and shaking her, fairly strongly. “I’m not asleep,” said Dandelion. “How’d I get back here? I was almost out of these caves.

“You were asleep,” said Hammer. “It is dangerous to sleep while wearing the necklace.”

Dandelion coughed, and blood came up from her lungs. When she finally stopped coughing, she said “What’s wrong with me?”

“You are wearing the necklace,” said Hammer. “I told you that everyone who ever wore it in the past died.”

“I’ll take it off,” said Dandelion. She stood up and put one huge hand on the necklace to lift it off her skin. It didn’t move. It was stuck to her skin.

She tried harder. It didn’t move. “Owwww!” said Dandelion. “I can’t get it off.”

“You have been wearing it for too long,” said Hammer. “We have to get you out of these caves. I once heard that this necklace loses its power in sunlight.”

“No sunlight,” said Min Kon. “It would kill you, Dandelion.”

“No sunlight,” echoed Dandelion dazedly, “but maybe we should get out of here.” (Level 1 SR on Intelligence. Rolls a 10.) “I remember,” said Dandelion, “I must use Min Kon to cast some magic!”

“Yes! Use me!” shrieked Min Kon silently. “You are strong enough to kill Hammer now. Blast him and all his treasure will be ours–I mean yours!”

[Dandelion has decided to cast a spell. Which spell from the T & T rulebook, levels 1 to 7, did she cast?]

Adventures of Dandelion, turn 55.5

STR 75
Con  3
INT 71 of 70
WIZ 34
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

(Note: my excellent artist, Greywulf, seems a bit tied up in real world matters and has been unable to provide a render for this section. We hope to embellish this bare prose with some of his art before the week is over. Be sure to check back when the art comes.–Ken)

Trollwalla Commentary

D’gou said… “Well, that didn’t go so well. Anyone want to toss out ideas before the votes are tallied?”

Rrraff said… “Alright, here’s a scheme to try and get rid of Min-Kon: Dandelion puts down her club, casts “Dura-Spell Battery” on it channeling ALL her Wiz into it, and then while at zero Wiz, see if she can get the necklace off. If that works, she can pick the club back up and get at least some of her Wiz back. I think a club counts as a wand. For Ogres.”

Dekhurrrsio said… “She’s not a wizard without Min Kon”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Cast Zappathingum on the club. Get out to the sunlight. Dump the necklace.”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Try dumping it after zappathingum”

Naharaht said… “I suggest that Dandelion tries Omnipotent Eye on the necklace to try to find out exactly what it does.”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Hokay, Dandelion’s Adventures is getting truly scary. My adolescence went a lot like this. In real life I got out of it (mostly) intact. Hmm, I think I’ll go with Dekhurrrsio’s Zappathingum idea.”

K’jherrr said… “Since Dandy coughed up blood, could she use “Blue Shirt of Life” to get out of the caves?”

Khenn Arrth said… “If the blood stained her torso, she’d be eligible for Blue shirt, but I don’t think so. I’ve coughed up lots of stuff in my time. I never got it on my body. Of course, Hammer could inflict a little cut, or might have some red cloth around the place.”

Rrraff said… “Alright, I’m on board with the Zappathingum”

Quoghmyre said… “I went with “Blue Shirt of Life”.”

Taran Dracon said… ” Suggestion for turn 56: how about Lvl 3 Curses Foiled (5.5th ed.)? The necklace is obviously cursed if she can’t take it off, right? Or is that only a Nethack thing?”

Naharaht said… ” Young Dandy went off to sleep
and started to dream really deep.
The visions in her head
warned she’d soon be dead,
if the necklace she did keep.”