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SilverHorn found a huge pile of mushrooms with a sign saying “Magic Mushrooms” and inviting him to eat. He suspected a trap, but he was so hungry, and they didn’t smell bad. He gathered up a handful, and marched on down the trail. As he walked, he began nibbling on a mushroom. It tasted pretty good, actually. He finished one and started on a second one.

He felt a strange sense of well-being. He felt stronger, healthier, smarter, luckier, and better looking. Up ahead the pathway split, there were signs beside each tunnel. To the left it said, ‘To certain doom. We’re not kidding. Turn back now.‘ To the right, it said, ‘To the garden of earthly delights. Wow! You just got lucky.’


a strange sign to find in a cave.

Meanwhile, Rrraff, running with all his might across the iron bridge, heard the clumsy and pounding steps behind him. Flying along the bridge at such speed, he started to disturb the nests of bats below him. But he did not look back again. He never looked back – just ran, sheer agony coursing through his muscular legs. Little did he know that as he disturbed the bats below they flew up in the face of Rarrkk, who waved his arms in sheer annoyance.

The Balrukh gained on Rrraff with every clumsy step. The cloud of bats became thicker, as more and more encircled the Balrukh in a tighter formation. He was no longer able to see where he was running and could no longer see Rrraff, although he knew Rrraff could feel his warm breath on the top of his head. Losing orientation, arms still flailing, the Balrukh strayed towards the edge of the iron bridge.  

In the distance, a group of Goblins watched, ever interested, the commotion on the bridge, and then, all at once they gasped in sheer excitement.

The Balrukh’s life flashed before his eyes as he ran right off the side of the bridge. The warm updraft of air from the lava met the sole of the Balrukh’s foot, and although all he could see was blackness, he knew this would be the last thing he ever saw.

Slowly the Balrukh fell from the iron bridge as though falling, yet vaguely floating, on the warm current of air, but it was too late for him. His time was up; his body disappeared downwards and vanished. [1]

Rrraff ran off the bridge into a tunnel on the other side. Rarrkk did not catch him.

The tunnel led back to the main path through the Naked Doom dungeon. In about an hour, he came to a fork in the road. Two Uruks sat at a stone table, playing cards. A sign on the wall to the left said, ‘To the Arena‘. On the right, it said, ‘To certain doom!

(to be continued)

[1] One of the members of Trollhalla, Gevn, wrote the Rrraff continuation he wanted to see, and it basically fit right in with what the membership voted to happen . . . a bit of this story from someone else.


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