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Mushrooms? I didn't know there would be mushrooms in this race. Damn! I should have entered.


Rrraff hurried down the tunnel with a handful of mushrooms. After a short time, he came to a division of the ways. To the left a sign said: ‘Certain Doom. Turn back now. Don’t even think about going this way.‘ To the right a sign said: ‘To the Earthly Paradise. Wow! You just got lucky.

The Troll stopped and examined the two pathways. There was nothing to differentiate between the two of them. He absent-mindedly munched on a few mushrooms as he pondered . . .

SilverHorn gathered up his courage and dashed forward to Certain Doom. As he entered the tunnel ahead, he felt the very ground giving way beneath his feet. He dove forward as a pit opened beneath him, and fell flat on the stone just beyond the pit.

Lying there, he heard the whoosh of dozens of darts swishing through the air just above him – being flat on his face saved him from being perforated. He wriggled forward like a reptile until he no longer heard the noise of missiles passing above his head. Looking forward, he saw that the rock ahead seemed to have many small holes in it. He took a deep breath, came to his feet, and dashed forward. Instantly streams of thick green gas billowed out of the rock below him. He held his breath and dashed forward as quickly as he could. The square of bright daylight was only a hundred feet ahead, but down from the ceiling came clumps of waving tentacles. They didn’t quite seem to reach the floor

green gas billowed out of the floor below him

 (to be continued)


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