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Will slay goblins for food!

Where do old adventurers go when they aren’t needed for any adventures?  Some of them go to the Sleepy Soldier Inn, a modest little tavern on the north side of Khosht near the Great Khazan Road.  I stopped in there during my travels recently and found these characters sitting around reliving their glory days and wishing they could go dungeon delving again.

Gorpus is an old human male first level warrior

STR  13   CON  18  INT  12    DEX  9     LK   11    CHR  8

WIZ  13   SPD   11  COMBAT ADDS  1

AP  176  Age: 58.

Languages:  Common (Khazni, the basic human language of the  western part of the Dragon continent)


Helmet–2 hits

Leather jacket–4 hits

Boots–2 hits

Gauntlets–2 hits

Shield–5 hits

Sturdy woolen clothing–decent but showing a lot of patches

Rain cloak and cowl–keeps the worst of the storms off his body.

Money: Not much, he picks up a few coins here and there as a bouncer, a night watchman, a hunter, and a scrounger. He owes a lot of people for small loans all over town, but few of them expect to ever be paid back.


Straight sword (4D6 + 2)

Dirk (2D6 + 1)

3 javelins (2D6)

1 atl-atl  (adds 2D6 and quadruples range when used with javelins).

I bought Gorpus a beer and got to talking with him.  It seems the only place he ever went was on a solo excusion to Buffalo Castle.  It didn’t kill him, or make him give up on the idea of being an adventurer, but something must have gone wrong.  Somehow 30 years went by, and he never went on another adventure.  Won’t someone please get him out of the Sleepy Soldier Inn?


"Is it hot in here, or have I just been sitting by the fire for too long?"

Nameless is a level 2 male Dwarf Warrior

STR  20   CON  22  INT  12  LK  11      DEX  14  CHR  8

WIZ  16   SPD  11   COMBAT ADDS:  10

AP:  200          AGE: 72








        Contains trail rations for 6 days

        3 skins of wine

        100 sulfur matches

        50 feet of coiled twine

        A book written in Dwarvish: Troll and other Monsters: how to kill them.


Dwarven plate (high quality steel from head to toe) takes 14 hits of damage which he can double to 28 if he needs to.


Dwarven Greataxe  (5D6 + 3)

Sax (a Viking bowie knife in essence) (2D6 + 5)

Gorpus introudced me to his friend Nameless.  Many people don’t know that Dwarves don’t actually have names until someone gives them one.  That’s why you get so many that are called things like Ironbeard or Grumpy.  Somehow, no one ever got around to calling Nameless anything, and then one day someone asked him who he was, and his answer was “To my sorrow, I am nameless.”  Nameless he became, and Nameless he remains.

As Dwarven fighters go, Nameless is something of a wimp.  It is rare to find a Dwarf with less than twenty combat adds, and he only has ten.  But he does own this incredible suit of Dwarven plate armor.  Isn’t this the most gorgeous armor you’ve ever seen.  It would be a shame to get it all dented and bloodstained.  Perhaps that explains why after one short adventure that got him only 200 adventure points, the most dangerous thing he has done since then is stand guard at the front entrance to Old Dwarftown just south of the Khosht city limits.


These two stalwart fellows are ready to go dungeon delving at the drop of an invitation.  They’re not good for much, but can probably handle their own weight in goblins or some other lesser menace.


Postscript:  I was digging around the trollcave when I found these old character sheets from the early days of T & T.  Rather than just throw them away as scrap paper, it inspired me to do this little write-up.  Then I asked Greywulf to do some portraits for me, and look at the fine work he has turned in.  I bet we all wish we had such high quality portraits for our pcs.



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