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Mike Monaco, who does the very fine Swords and Dorkery blog (which you can find here: seens to be issuing an rpg challenge to fill the month with blogs based on numbers.  Since May is a month with 31 days in it, I have to go his d30 one better by rolling a d31 .

Counting starts with 1, unless you’re a computer programmer who starts things with zero.  In fact, you could start counting wherever you want, but one seems both logical and traditional.  As rpg ers we are nothing if not traditional.

So, 1 is for Once Upon a Time.  Once upon a time there was a world full of crazy godlike wizards who created many underground habitats which they called “dungeons”.  They stocked these dungeons with every kind of monster and trap, and they baited them with fabulous treasures.  What value does mere wealth have to a wizard of godlike power?  He, She, or It can create its own wealth, or steal the wealth of kings with relative ease.  Wealth is just a tool for wizards of godlike power.  Once upon a time, and that time still continues in the modern era, god-wizards like Gristlegrim, and K’snarganblatzen, and Huit!!zi!!lo!!  (where !! represents a shrill whistle impossible for human vocal chords to articulate) and thousands of others,  filled Trollworld with dangerous places (with lots of tunnels in them) and then sat back to watch the fun as mere mortals tried to take that wealth for themselves.

What’s more fun than life and death? Especially someone else’s life and death!  This is the basic premise behind the world of Tunnels and Trolls.

Has your curiosity been whetted?  Come back on May 2, and I’ll explain the importance of 2 in Tunnels and Trolls.


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  1. I was actually just making fun of last month’s A-Z challenge that spread like herpes among bloggers, but dang, that’s a good post.

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