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The D6 blog is, of course, about the D6–the six-sided die.

Dice are very important in role-playing games like Tunnels & Trolls.

Tunnels and Trolls is the original D6 roleplaying game.  When I first wrote it back in 1975, I had never seen any other form of dice.  You didn’t buy dice at a game store, back them.  You took them from other games–most notably Monopoly and Yahtzee, but sometimes from wargames like Battle of the Bulge or Civil War.  Even in my earliest dreams of T & T, I knew that dice would be important, and so I decided to use the most common dice of all, the six-sider that came in all my other games.

1D6 is what anyone gets in unarmed combat.  What really makes the difference is combat adds.

Tunnels and Trolls originally had only 6 attributes.  They were–in the order in which I thought of them–Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma.  And yes, that looks a lot like early Dungeons and Dragons.  The difference is that T & T has Luck, D & D has Wisdom.  There are also differences in how the attributes are used.  T & T uses the attributes directly in the saving roll process–your chance to succeed in anything is proportional to the magnitude of the attribute being tested.  Thus, T & T has more of a probablity factor in play that relates directly to the characters.

6 is also for 6 feet tall.  That’s the ideal height for a man, imho, and I used it as the basis of the height and weight chart in the early rules.  It also happens to be how tall I was back in the 70s when I still had a lot of hair on my head.  Now that I’m bald on top, my height has gone down to 5’11.75 inches.  Rats!

Come back on May 7 for the importance of 7 in Tunnels and Trolls!


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