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Once upon a time, 18 was the best number you could roll on 3D6 when creating a Dungeons and Dragons or Tunnels and Trolls character.  Triple sixes, the Venus throw in ancient Roman dice gambling–it’s the epitome of a perfect die roll.  Now T & T uses the TARO rule–six, six, six or 18 is a really good roll and the start of an incredible Specialist character.  So, 18 is for Specialist in T & T 7.5.

18 is for really tall, or really heavy under 5th edition rules–7 feet 2 inches or 350 pounds.

level 18 requires 4 million adventure points under 5th edition rules.

18 is the STR necessary to use the infamous Beak of a Crow weapon–the warhammer especially made for cracking open armored helmets.

18 is a great age to be–still a teenager, graduating high school, entering college.  I wish I was 18.

If you have any notable 18s to add, please put them in the comments below.  Today is May 23, and the blogging challenge is fading now.  Still, I will flog this dying blog as long as I can.



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