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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Long, long ago, maybe the 80s or 90s I made up a bunch of T & T characters to use as fighters in the Arena of Khazan.  I never used them.  Somehow, this piece of paper with 5 characters randomly created on it appeared today.  I want to  throw the paper away–it’s folded, wrinkled and torn, but hate to waste the characters.  So here they are.  Artists, please do me some pix of these guys and I’ll put them in the blog and credit you.  These are clearly 5th edition characters, but they could be turned into 7th edition characters by rolling up Speed and Wizardry and giving them Talents.

Arena Giant 1

STR   100   INT  7   LK  12   CON  100   DEX  7   CHR  7  Combat Adds: 86.

Armor:  10 hits for really tough skin.

Weapon:  Guyswatter*  (20D6)

*  = counts as a magic weapon when such are required in order to do damage.


Arena Troll 1

STR  30   INT  8   LK  14   CON  30   DEX  12   CHR  5  Combat adds:  20.

Weapons: Each hand counts as a 5D6 weapon.


Arena Ogre 1

STR  26   INT  7   LK  10   CON  20   DEX  6   CHR  7   Combat Adds:  11.

Weapons:  Club (8D6)


Arena Ogre 2

STR  24   INT  3   LK  13   CON  26   DEX  9   CHR  8   Combat Adds:  13.

Weapon:  Club  (8D6)


Arena Dwarf 1

STR  30  INT  13   LK  16   CON  28   DEX  15   CHR  10   Combat Adds:  25

Armor:  Ring mail (7 hits)

Weapon:  Great axe  (4D6 + 3)


How about that?  The Dwarf is actually tougher than the ogres though the 8D6 clubs that the ogres have might make a difference in who won the fight.

Anyone may feel free to name and use these characters in their own T & T games.