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Category Archives: Tunnels and Trolls Characters

Today is Dec. 16, 2014. I will update this date every time I add something to this blog/site. This is my 3rd addition/character.  Today’s character addition is a human wizard named May-Ren.


This is simply a Tunnels & Trolls character of mine whose old character sheet is cluttering up my apartment. I don’t want to lose him, but I don’t want to keep the paper, so I’m putting the character here. You will note that the character name is kind of a play on my own first name which is Kenneth, and I often describe myself as a wizard, so now  you know: this is one of my alter-egos or secret identities.  (I may update this character from time to time if he ever has any more adventures or makes any progress.)  Oddly enough, I forgot that I had this character, but didn’t forget the name. I used the same name as a Dragon Warmaster among Lerotra’hh’s high-ranking minions.  Perhaps this character is what he pretends to be when walking the streets of Khazan.

NAME:  Kennarith Ko      GENDER: Male     KINDRED: Human     TYPE: Wizard     LEVEL: 3

PERSONAL ADDS:  47      MAGIC KNOWN: 1st & 2nd level spells   ADV. PTS:  25


STR:  23                                   INT:  23

CON: 23                                   LCK: 28

DEX: 27                                    WIZ: 32

SPD: 17                                      CHR: 28

AGE: unknown                       HT:  5’11”               WT:  200 pounds         HAIR: Gray                        BEARD: sometimes

LANGUAGES KNOWN:  Common, Low Elven

WEALTH:  71 gold pieces


WEAPONS:                         Sax (big knife) 2D6+5

Common sling and a bag of pebbles  3D6

FOCUS DEVICE:                Staff Ordinaire (quarterstaff) 2D6


Wizard’s robe of  black cloth, tunic, trousers, calf-high boots, hat, cape, pack, pouch.

HISTORY: Kennarith has gone on several adventures and always survived. He has a liking for elves and elvish things. His personal quest is for immortality, or at least more longevity than humans normally have, but he is getting old, and has never achieved high level status as a wizard.




And speaking of old Tunnels and Trolls characters, here is another one I found.  This one belonged to Paul O’Connor and probably dates back to 1979.  This is a 5th edition character, and so, not quite compatible with the modern game, but it would not be hard to add a WIZ and SPD attribute to the sheet and bring him up to date.


NAME: Lanact’oor     GENDER: Male     KINDRED: Elf     TYPE: Wizard     LEVEL: 3

PERSONAL ADDS:  26                    MAGIC KNOWN: 1st, 2nd, 3rd levels          EXPERIENCE PTS: 5634


STR:  19                          INT: 33

CON: 18                           LCK: 28

DEX: 15                           CHR: 18

AGE: unknown            HT: 5’5″                    WT: 120 pounds            HAIR: Blonde      BEARD: No

LANGUAGES KNOWN: Bear, Wolf, Spider, Bird, Wraith, Wight, Ogre, Orc, Half-Orc, High Elf, Japanese, Flame Demon, Troll, Gremling, Goblin, Dragon, Ghoul, Fairy, Giant, and Undead.

WEALTH:  40 gold pieces


WEAPONS:                 Yuurk (magical sword will take 100 hits in combat for the wielder)

Deluxe staff (named Pendragon)–it is green.


17 applications of hellfire juice

4 days worth of provisions

Lantern and oil.

119 feet of silk rope

(Suitable clothing is assumed but not specified.)

I still have a typed note from Paul with a little more info about his character.  It says:

Dungeons he was spawned from are: 5 trips DED (Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon), 2 BSP (Beyond the Silvered Pane), 3 Dargon’s, and 2 into Overkill (note: both trips into Overkill were made with groups of 12 levels of characters. Both times Lanact’oor was the only survivor.) Also, next to Instep du Brain-Brain, this is the highest level magic user that Sherman Oaks or Van Nuoys has spawned. Our moderated dungeons tend to be tough.  Spells: Whammy, Poor Baby, Yassa Massa.  Send him in door #3 of Tombs of the Gods, or if that is chosen, and door that hasn’t been. That’s about it, see you on the other side of the Tombs.


NAME:  May-Ren      GENDER: Male     KINDRED: Human     TYPE: Wizard     LEVEL: 2

PERSONAL ADDS:  6      MAGIC KNOWN: 1st & 2nd level spells   ADV. PTS:  135


STR:  10                                    INT:  12

CON: 13 + 4                             LCK: 14 + 3

DEX: 16 + 3                             WIZ: 22

SPD: 14                                      CHR: 11 + 3

AGE: unknown                       HT:  5’10”               WT:  unknown        HAIR: unknown                       BEARD: unknown


WEALTH:  0 gold pieces

POSSESSIONS                   A skeleton key, Amulets that add + 3 to Dexterity, Luck, and Charisma

WEAPONS:                         Dirk 2D6

FOCUS DEVICE:                None


Nondescript gray wizard’s robe, sandals, and dungeon pack.

HISTORY: May-Ren has gone on one adventure, and survived.  He was fortunate enough to come away with a number of amulets that enhanced some of his personal attributes.  (This character may be used by anyone who wants to use him as a T & T delver. If he develops more personality, let me know, and I’ll update this record–Ken)