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“This is all amusing enough, Hammer, and the ale was good, but I need to get out of these caves. Let’s get going,” said Dandelion.

Hammer gave the aleskin back to the goblin. “You heard the boss. We gotta go! See you guys later.”

“Take your time, Hammer,” said Eee-Gore. “No need to rush back, unless you wanta give us our money back.”

"Take yer time, Hammer," said Eee-Gore.

With that, Hammer and Dandelion were on their way.

“I have the feeling that I should be using you to cast some magic, but I don’t know what,” said Dandelion to Min Kon in her own mind. “One thing that worked pretty well was flying. Can we do that until the next time I need my feet on the ground?” (INT saving roll checks–Dandelion needs 2 saving rolls and makes the both with a 6 and an 8.)

“Sure thing,” said Min Kon. “Fly you!”

“And make it look like I’m still walking,”

“Done,” said Min Kon. “You know you’re going to have to kill, Hammer, don’t you?”

“Why?” said Dandelion.

“Because he’s planning to kill you. While you weren’t paying attention back there in the card game room, he quickly arranged for several of his buddies to get ahead of us and ambush you.”

“I didn’t see him do anything like that,” said Dandelion.

“Secret hand signals,” said Min Kon. “I’ve seen him do it before.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion.

“Hey, Hammer, what else do you know about this necklace?” she asked out loud.

“Only that it’s incredibly treacherous,” said the Minotaur. “No one who ever wore it has lived for more than a day or two. You’re doing quite well to have lasted so long.”

"You know Hammer is planning to kill you," said Min-Kon in Dandelion's mind.

They came to a place where a side passage went off to the left, and the main passage continued straight ahead.

“I feel that I should give you some choices as we walk out of here,” said Hammer. “The way out is to the left. Straight ahead is a kind of magical storage vault for alchemical potions. Some crazy alchemist I’ve never met keeps leaving his drinks on a table in there in hopes that someone will drink them. Some people have drunk them. Some of them grew stronger and smarter. Some got sick. Some died.”

“If you want to check that out,” said Min Kon, “I could help you with that.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. What did she do? Two questions–who is she going to believe–Hammer or Min Kon, and will she turn left or go straight?

–Khenn Arrth

Adventures of Dandelion, part 39.5

STR  75
Con  21
INT  70
WIZ  18
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Khenn Arrth

Quoghmyre said…
I feel lucky, but I don’t know about Dandelion… trusting Min Kon???

Rrraff said…
Ooofaa. I can’t believe that many people put their trust in a dead sorcerer thing trapped in a necklace.

Toll said…
Write-in idea for Dandelion. She could taunt Hammer that he sounds afraid to drink a potion. Offer to drink one if he does first. Otherwise he’d be admitting that Uruks are less brave than ogres.

Dandelion the Ogre said…
Why do all the good write-in ideas appear after I’ve already voted?!? Okay, not all of them. A couple times I waited till the very last minute to vote. But I like the idea of taunting a tax collector. They taunt me enough in real life.


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